Matrix models and holography: Mass deformations of long quiver theories in 5d and 3d


We enlarge the dictionary between matrix models for long linear quivers preserving eight supercharges in $d=5$ and $d=3$ and type IIB supergravity backgrounds with AdS$_{d+1}$ factors. We introduce mass deformations of the field theory that break the quiver into a collection of interacting linear quivers, which are decoupled at the end of the RG flow. We find and solve a Laplace problem in supergravity which realises these deformations holographically. The free energy and expectation values of antisymmetric Wilson loops are calculated on both sides of the proposed duality, finding agreement. With our matching procedure, the free energy satisfies a strong version of the F-theorem.

SciPost Phys. 15, 086 (2023)
Published 8 September 2023