Dynamics of Stripe Patterns in Supersolid Spin–Orbit-Coupled Bose Gases

The stripe pattern in spin–orbit-coupled supersolids forms a fully dynamic crystal.


Despite ground-breaking observations of supersolidity in spin–orbit-coupled Bose–Einstein condensates, until now the dynamics of the emerging spatially periodic density modulations has been vastly unexplored. Here, we demonstrate the nonrigidity of the density stripes in such a supersolid condensate and explore their dynamic behavior subject to spin perturbations. We show both analytically in infinite systems and numerically in the presence of a harmonic trap how spin waves affect the supersolid’s density profile in the form of crystal waves, inducing oscillations of the periodicity as well as the orientation of the fringes. Both these features are well within reach of present-day experiments. Our results show that this system is a paradigmatic supersolid, featuring superfluidity in conjunction with a fully dynamic crystalline structure.

Physical Review Letters 130, 156001
Published 12 April 2023
© Alessio Coser