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Philipp Hauke


University of Trento


  • Full Professor, Pitaevskii BEC Center and Department of Physics, University of Trento, Italy, since 2023
  • Associate Professor, Pitaevskii BEC Center and Department of Physics, University of Trento, Italy, 2019–2023
  • Group Leader, Kirchhoff-Institute for Physics and Institute for Theoretical Physics, Heidelberg University, Germany, 2017–2019
  • Postdoc, University of Innsbruck, Austria, 2012–2017


  • Node leader INFN-TIFPA in Special Initiative Quantum
  • Representative of UniTN in permanent Liaison Committee Q@TN


  • Quantum simulation
  • Quantum computing & annealing
  • Quantum sensing
  • Many-body entanglement
  • AMO platforms (cold atoms, trapped ions, …)
  • Strongly-correlated systems
  • Quantum out-of-equilibrium dynamics


  • PhD in Photonics, 2013

    ICFO - The Institute of Photonic Sciences, Castelldefels (Barcelona), Spain

  • Diploma in Physics, 2009

    Max-Planck Institute of Quantum Optics and Technical University of Munich, Germany

  • Erasmus exchange, 9/2006–8/2007

    Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne, Switzerland



Variational quantum simulation of U(1) lattice gauge theories with qudit systems
Observation of microscopic confinement dynamics by a tunable topological $\theta$-angle
Engineering random spin models with atoms in a high-finesse cavity
Quantum approximate optimization algorithm for qudit systems
Robust quantum many-body scars in lattice gauge theories
Dynamical quantum phase transitions in spin-$S$ $U(1)$ quantum link models
Sampling Rare Conformational Transitions with a Quantum Computer
Enhancing disorder-free localization through dynamically emergent local symmetries
Stabilizing Disorder-Free Localization
Stabilizing lattice gauge theories through simplified local pseudo generators
Engineering a $\mathrm{U}(1)$ lattice gauge theory in classical electric circuits
Thermalization dynamics of a gauge theory on a quantum simulator
Polymer Physics by Quantum Computing
Analog cosmological reheating in an ultracold Bose gas
Dominant Reaction Pathways by Quantum Computing
Observation of gauge invariance in a 71-site quantum simulator
A scalable realization of local U(1) gauge invariance in cold atomic mixtures
Perspectives of quantum annealing: Methods and implementations
Real-time dynamics of lattice gauge theories with a few-qubit quantum computer
Many-body localization in a quantum simulator with programmable random disorder
Spectroscopy of Interacting Quasiparticles in Trapped Ions
Tomography of Band Insulators from Quench Dynamics
Quasiparticle engineering and entanglement propagation in a quantum many-body system
Can one trust quantum simulators?



Quantum Computing