Quantum simulating lattice gauge theories — high-energy physics with ultra-cold atoms

Aug 19, 2020
Ultra Quantum Matter summer seminar


The difficulty of tackling the out-of-equilibrium dynamics of gauge theories on classical computers is spurring a worldwide effort to solve them on dedicated quantum simulator devices. In this talk, I will discuss recent progress towards quantum simulation of gauge theories. First, I will present recent experiments in cold atoms [ 1, 2], one of which has realized a many-body gauge theory in a 71-site Hubbard model and has certified the fulfilment of Gauss’s law for the first time [ 2]. Moreover, I will discuss our ongoing theoretical effort to quantify and mitigate the influence of microscopic violations of the local gauge symmetry [ 35]. Through these discussions, I will aim at outlining a roadmap towards mature and practically relevant quantum simulation of gauge theories.

[1] A. Mil, T. V. Zache, A. Hegde, A. Xia, R. P. Bhatt, M. K. Oberthaler, P. Hauke, J. Berges, F. Jendrzejewski, Realizing a scalable building block of a U(1) gauge theory with cold atomic mixtures, Science 367, 1128-1130 (2020).

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[5] J. C. Halimeh, H. Lang, J. Mildenberger, Z. Jiang, P. Hauke, Gauge-Symmetry Protection Using Single-Body Terms, arXiv:2007.00668 [quant-ph] (2020).

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