From entanglement certification with quench dynamics to multipartite entanglement of interacting fermions


Multipartite entanglement, such as witnessed through the quantum Fisher information (QFI), is a crucial resource for quantum technologies, but its experimental certification is highly challenging. Here, we propose an experimentally friendly protocol to measure the QFI. It relies on recording the short-time dynamics of simple observables after a quench from a thermal state, works for spins, bosons, and fermions, and can be implemented in standard cold-atom experiments and other platforms with temporal control over the system Hamiltonian. To showcase the protocol, we simulate it for the one-dimensional Fermi–Hubbard model. Further, we establish a family of bounds connecting the QFI to multipartite mode entanglement for fermionic systems, which enable the detection of multipartite entanglement at sizable temperatures. Our work paves a way to experimentally accessing entanglement for quantum enhanced metrology.

Physical Review Research 3, L032051
Published 24 August 2021
Ricardo Costa de Almeida
PhD Student (2018 – 2022)
Postdoc (2022 – 2023)
Now Postdoc at Technische Universität Berlin
© Alessio Coser