A cavity quantum electrodynamics implementation of the Sachdev--Ye--Kitaev model


The search for a quantum theory of gravity has led to the discovery of quantum many-body systems that are dual to gravitational models with quantum properties. The perhaps most famous of these systems is the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev (SYK) model. It features maximal scrambling of quantum information, and opens a potential inroad to experimentally investigating aspects of quantum gravity. A scalable laboratory realisation of this model, however, remains outstanding. Here, we propose a feasible implementation of the SYK model in cavity quantum electrodynamics platforms. Through detailed analytical and numerical demonstrations, we show how driving a cloud of fermionic atoms trapped in a multi-mode optical cavity, and subjecting it to a spatially disordered AC-Stark shift retrieves the physics of the SYK model, with random all-to-all interactions and fast scrambling. Our work provides a blueprint for realising the SYK model in a scalable system, with the prospect of studying holographic quantum matter in the laboratory.

arXiv:2303.11343 [quant-ph]
Philipp Uhrich
PhD Student
© Alessio Coser